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Pre Move Survey Requirements

  • We are encouraging remote surveys wherever possible. This can be done by using our website removal enquiry form or by telephoning our office and speaking with one of our surveyors.
  • If an on-site survey is necessary, then we request that only one family member is present during that survey visit.
  • A detailed risk assessment is completed to profile the customer’s risk category, it may be necessary to request that they sign a disclaimer to confirm that they have not been exposed to the virus through contact in the past seven days.
  • Any customer that is in a high-risk category should not be present on site.
  • Customer to wear facemask during the survey visit.
  • Request that no pets are free to roam around the house during that visit.
  • Customer should open all doors so that our surveyor can walk round freely.
  • If there are family members in the property if would be best if they can remain in one room or sit in the garden if weather permits.
  • Social distancing measures (2m apart) should always be maintained.
  • Surveyor to carry facemask/visor and gloves which are to be worn wherever possible.
  • Surveyor to wash and sanitize hands on arrival and departure.
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