Removal Tips & Advice

Do we need to empty wardrobes prior to the removal day?

Yes, we provide hanging garment boxes that can be filled prior to your removal day and these are provided free of charge.

Do we need to empty drawers prior to the removal day?

Yes all chest of drawers need to be emptied to help with loading and unloading.

Do you disconnect cookers, washers and fridges?

No, all electrical items should be disconnected, washers should be drained and freezers defrosted prior to the arrival of the removal team.

Do you disconnect electrical goods and light fittings?

We are able to disconnect electrical fittings and appliances but this must be booked in advance to arrange for a qualified electrician to visit your property prior to the removal day.

Do you move plants?

Yes we can arrange for all your plants to be moved but please let us know at the time of quoting as they take up a lot of space and can’t be stacked.

Do we need to empty items with flammable substances in?

Yes all items need to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly prior to the removal day such as lawnmowers, motorbikes etc. For health & safety reasons we do not permit the transportation of any flammables, batteries, or pressurised containers.

Do you remove windows and doors?

If there is a need for windows and doors to be removed then please let us know at the time of quoting and we will arrange a professional joiner/glazer to do this on the removal day.

Do you empty lofts and attics?

The contents of lofts and attics should be sorted out before the removal day and packed. Our removal team will not be able to do this unless it is boarded and well lit with a safe point of entry, we can let you know at the time of quoting.

Do you empty garages and garden sheds?

Yes we do but the contents of your garage or garden shed should be sorted and packed prior to the removal day and tools bundled together for safety during handling.

Can you dispose of items and furniture we do not want?

Yes we have a waste licence but there will be an additional charge for this service.

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Excellent Service. No complaints.

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